You can't always be there.
But we can.

We help busy family caregivers find quality care for their aging or sick adult relatives in their homes or hospitals in Uganda.

What we do

Carealth will provide the following programs at flexible schedules and cost-friendly service rates.

Our aim of an extended healthy life, better, happier people is why we exist.

The Carealth Services goal – understand me and my wants, help guide my choices, be present when I need your care and support – describes what our goals are for our clients every day.
Our values are crucial in molding the way we behave and provide for our clients and one another. They are;


Big-hearted and compassionate. Treat people with respect and kindness. Everybody matters.


Shows up to provide the care that the person needs and is counting on.


Will not break that trust by taking advantage of the person they are caring for.


Full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Loves what the agency does and why we do it.


Understands that things may not always go as smoothly and quickly as planned, and there
maybe a little hesitation at times on the part of the person receiving care.


Has compassion for another person, making the person feel the caregiver has an understanding of what the person is going through.


Attentive to the needs and changes that are taking place, will notice when there are emotional or physical changes in the person he or she is caring for.


Takes personal responsibility for their actions.


Go above and beyond. Be the best we can dream to be. Deliver outstanding results

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind

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